Cut through the fog

A search firm devoted exclusively to placing high-level marketing leadership.


Matthew Hinde founded the firm in 2008. He has worked with some of the world's leading brands and VC backed start-ups.

Our niche in placing only top level marketing leadership roles, limited number of engagements, unique calibration process and deep experience are what sets us apart.

Pictured below, Matthew, as usual, working really hard on the phone.


From growth, acquisition and data driven leaders to brand, creative and communication experts, Charles VERNON has placed world-class CMO and VP of Marketing talent at some of the world’s most exciting brands and start-ups.

We have had the privilege to partner with many of the top VC firms, from Sequoia Capital to Google Ventures, Index Ventures to Andreessen Horowitz.

RECENT Engagements include

Virgin America, SoFi, OpenDoor, Affirm, Masterclass, Instacart, Strava, Dropbox, Thumbtack, Good Eggs, Yelp, Roblox, ALT School, ANKI, Personal Capital, Counsyl and many more.

In A Word

The best marketers know that simplicity is key. Some recent clients have this to say about Charles-VERNON “in a word.”


Virgin America, David Cush CEO


Sequoia VC, Joe Dobrenski, Partner


Inkling, Matt MacInnis CEO


Thumbtack, Marc Zappacosta, CEO


Strava, Mark Gainey CEO


SoFi, Mark Cagney CEO


ANKI, Boris Sofman CEO


Lyft, John Zimmer CEO


Roblox, David Baszucki CEO


Counsyl, Ramji Srinivasan CEO

"Consumer Marketer BFF"

Andreesen Horowitz, Gia Scinto Partner


Pebble, Eric Migicovsky CEO


Charles VERNON’s main office is headquartered in Sausalito
(just North of the Golden Gate Bridge)


And in Case you were wondering - Who Is Charles VERNON?

Pictured above, some say Mr Vernon was the original turn-of-the-century headhunter. It's been heard he was the guardian of the Bank of England's gold bullion. Others swear he was no more than an avid bird watcher.

Whatever the case, he was no ordinary man.

Catch his descendant Matthew in the right mood and you may just be regaled with the true story…